Again a personal page

My name is Christoph Wende and peer pressure made me build this page.
So, what's happening here?


Some minor updates before I'm off to Japan


It is 00:00, new years eve and obviously, I'm online :)


I'm Christoph, living in Beercity Munich, Bavaria, working at zeros+ones as a web developer and coding is what I do.

I'm doing this preferrably in Java/Spring, Groovy/Grails and the whole lot of web frontend languages.

Some side projects also happened to involve Cometd, node.js or the Android SDK.

If you want to see some samples, check out the Works section of just view the source of this page.


Some clients I really enjoyed working for, beside my current employer, include

Here's also an incomplete list of private projects I'm involved in:

  • dmf js.lib

    A magic javascript library for large datasets, mainly developed by Stefan Kloiber. My part in this project covers coding, unit testing, SCM, and the web presence.


    My private web dev lab containing stuff (offline).

Say Hello

If you want to tell me anything or just to say hello, send an email to christoph.wende at Googles precious email service. Please note that emails sent to * are ignored.


You can also follow me on Twitter via @codeporn. Tweets are in english as well as german language.



If you want to use any code or content of this website in any way, please ask prior to do so. Just send an email to christoph.wende at Googles email service.


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Administrative Contact

Please send any other inquiries concerning this page or content also to the email addess mentioned above.

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